Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ten Ways to Use Web 2.0 to Change the World

For our last "official" class post I decided to wrap it up with ten great ways to use web 2.0 to change the world. This article is similar to the Web 2.0 article I blogged about last week. However, I found this one to be more specific on ways to integrate technology. I also used this website to give me more ideas on training colleagues in using the tools that are available. I included several of these ideas into my mashup paper as ideas to spread the wealth of technology around to other teachers, schools, states, etc.
I like how the article pointed out that "there are a lot of things that you can do to refine what you are already doing, using Web 2.0 tools to push you closer to achieving your mission.The list provides ten ways you can use Web 2.0 to further your goals. I think of it as a progression" (Webb, 2008.)
The article is basically a summary of all the tools we used in our class EDU 595. It puts out easy ways to obtain information from others who share the same interests as you do.


EStrauch said...

Thanks for sharing that article. It had numerous points about using web 2.0 tools. The most important part of the article I feel was that we need to share our knowledge with others. It will be important for us to go out and get everyone else on board with using these tools so all students will benefit not just a few. It is amazing to think that all of these tools can be found just by clicking a mouse! Great article, thanks for sharing!!

Carmen said...

great article! i love hearing others' ideas and discoveries! Technology is becoming so abundant in the world of education. Anything that helps me understand is a lifesaver! Thats for sharing!