Sunday, May 17, 2009

Question 4 You?

What are the different ways you have used a blog/wiki in your classroom? What would you most recommend using for a 4th grade classroom?


Mrs. Roncone said...

I haven't used a blog or a wiki yet with my learning support students in the elementary. If I had to choose for them I actually would choose either one. Both of them are pretty easy to use. For elementary students I would keep it simple and just start out by having them answer a question.

EStrauch said...

One way I used a blog in my second grade classroom was to have book discussions. Since they were younger I tried to start with something easy to familiarize them with it first. They loved it and became pros within days! One way I used a wikispace was to post my students podcasts that they've made. It turned out to be a very visited site!

Mrs. Mitko said...

I have used blogs and wikis in my 7th grade classroom. I currently use a blog to have students collaborate during problem solving. Our class wiki is a place to post helpful math sites. Maybe you could use a blog as a way to do a "Question of the Week".

AlisonAnn said...

I do not use wiki/blogs in my class but for a 4th grade class I think a wiki for vocabulary words may be easily incorporated to a lesson. For example have a list of words on a class wiki and students can add to the definition until they think it is correct and then you can write in the real definition in a different color.

Laurie said...

We used a wiki created especially for our 1st grade literacy night. Student visitors to the hallway had the chance to elaborate on a story that grew as the evening went on. This would also be a way I would use a wiki toward the end of the year in my 1st grade classroom.

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